Thursday, October 30, 2008

Julie @ Calabasas hish school

Sooooooo about 2 weeks ago we played Calabasas high school... It was mega dank fun we hauled our gear and went to play at lunch time right after a pep ralley!! We had a great time, gave away a bunch of free merch and got some of it thrown back at us. Awesome!! But I guess thats high school.. Here are some photos from the show. Love you..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

julie/Obie Trice Remix now up!

Yaaa we did it man!!! And we think its fucking grrrreat so hopefully you do to! Check out the song on myspace and please let us know what you think....And add it to your profile! A Julie/Obie music video is gonna go down soon and some Julie/Obie live shows. R u ready? Its about to get weird. Love u

Sunday, October 5, 2008


What down baby brown sugar? I got a booger in my nose I wear clothes.... Ya I can rap or at one time I could kinda.... So it went down the one and only Obie Trice rapped on the remix of "Foggin up a clear view"!!!! Its really great and we are mixing it this week. Very soon we will have the song up on our myspace for you to listen to.! yaaaaaaaa. Here are some Photos of Obie in the recording session!!! Special thanks to Mark Sr and Livewire Studio in Detroit for making that happen!
obie trice and mark sr
thats Obie with Mark sr
obie trice
Obie rocking to the track